07/ 06/ 2020

Sometimes Jude runs out on the back porch, throws her arms up in the air and screams, “NO ONE LIKES THE COVID-19!!!!!” And darn it if she isn’t right. I watched the kids jump on the tramp while I ate leftover soup for dinner and thought of all the thing Miss Rona robbed me of. Since I’m feeling a little salty, let’s list it out.

  • Jude’s Kindergarten Graduation
  • Ezra’s Preschool Graduation
  • Preschool Mother’s Day Tea Party
  • Kindergarten Round-up
  • Church
  • New York in the Spring
  • Mean Girls with my girl
  • Shake Shack (yes it deserves its own bullet point)
  • ASD Market Week with Cory
  • Girls Camp
  • Happiness – Anxiety and Depression has been hiiiiiigh

While I marinated in my sodium sadness, a tiny voice in my head told me that despite all the suck, there has been some good too. For the sake of balance and turning this post into the Pros/Cons list it is shaping out to be, let’s list the good.

  • Cory hasn’t had to travel for work!!!
  • GEORGIE!!!
  • Randomly finding a tramp on a sold out site!!!
  • Painting my office!! (it’s only half done, but still!)
  • Buying clothes at Walmart without trying them on only to come home and discover they all fit SO WELL
  • Wednesday Walks
  • Listening to Harry Potter
  • Rewatching Downton Abbey
  • Finding a groove with picking up the house
  • Writing this post
  • Extra Love – from Cory, from my kids, my family, my friends. And my love going right back to them

Reading that second list back feels like I’m scratching the bottom of the barrel for good things. But isn’t that kind of what we’re all doing right now? The good things we notice are regular good things and not specific to Corona time. But if I can think of something good, I’m going to document it because heaven knows I need all the wins I can get right now.

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