02/ 07/ 2019

What’s going on in that brain of yours?

What’s the word on getting a cup of hot chocolate big enough to allow an adult human to sit inside it. I’m just so dang cold. I understand that swimming in a cup of cocoa would get sticky over time, but it sounds so luxurious. Bobbing around with the marshmallows and just loooving life.

How long do we have to wait for robot maids to be a common thing? I just want Rosie from the Jetsons to come clean my house, make my meals and bring me food when I’m not feeling well. But Jude did just bring me a bag of Wheat Thins, so I’m almost there.

LOL to my face recognition software for not recognizing me with bangs. Like, new face, who dis?

Baking in a tent is the most addicting and inspiring show. I have it in my heart that I can be a world class baker. I just need to bake. I’d also like to have Ruby’s hair please and thank you! Also, does anyone else’s heart break when Paul and Mary just tear into those desserts and mash them with their forks and then leave them for dead? So much deliciousness wasted!

As much as I love Wheat Thins, I could really go for some Triscuits and a block of cheddar cheese. Think if I say Wheat Thins one more time they’ll sponsor this post?

There, aren’t you glad you didn’t ask what I was thinking?
I know I am.

One response to “What’s going on in that brain of yours?”

  1. Paolita says:

    Brissa! You darling girl you! I had so much to catch up on here! I am totally serious when I say that you need a notification option on your blog! Like how I can sign up so that I get an email every time you post. I love reading your thoughts. AND I love the bangs!! I just need more pictures, especially with social media no longer being a way for me to stalk you.

    Love you so much mija. Keep writing. Never surrender.

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