02/ 01/ 2019


Isn’t there a saying about not making big decisions (or any decisions, really) when you’re feeling rash? It’s the cousin of the rule that one should never grocery shop when hungry and the bff of Billy Joel’s advice to never argue with a crazy mind. Here, let’s ask google.

Eh. Not quite what I was looking for, but the idea is the same. You should never, ever, ever make a decision when you’re not quite yourself. Wait! I just remembered. You should never make a decision when you’re drunk. That’s it. But I’ve never been drunk and I wasn’t drunk this morning, but boy howdy did I make a decision.

Do you ever wake up feeling impulsive? Do you ever have this overwhelming urge to do something crazy? Something that doesn’t seem big to others but is big to you? Something you’ve talked about and mulled over and discussed with others then talked yourself out of? That was me today. I don’t know if it’s cabin fever from being trapped in the house all week with a sick baby, a sick husband and a choir of coughing children, but I woke up today and felt like I was on a TV-Y7 version of Snapped.

After some quick googling, watching half a YouTube video and spam texting my sister with no replies, I decided to throw caution to the wind and listen to the adrenaline-hyped butterflies in my stomach. I was going to stop talking about doing something and actually do it.

I blasted Woman by Ke$ha, brushed out a triangle at the top of my head and grabbed my scissors. I trust your intelligence enough to know where this is going, but just in case you got hung up on the triangle hair bit, let me tell you.

The bangs are back and I regret NOTHING.

They’re choppy and crooked and I am 100% going to my stylist tomorrow so she can even me out and add some layers, but I am living for the front fringe. I was worried I’d regret cutting them, but with each snip I felt more alive. I realize I could have just scheduled an appointment and got them done “right” the first time, but I think deep down I knew I needed them to happen this way. If my bangs weren’t born from impulse, I don’t think they’d have been born at all. (It’s totally normal to talk about hair like a child, right?)

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped me along this journey.

  • Ke$ha for her music, particularly her banger, Woman, for always giving me the umph I need to feel sassy and strong
  • Costco for having their Wahl hair cutting kits on sale when Cory and I were first married. Because of that kit I had the scissors I needed to make this fierce look today
  • Google for thousands of images of people with bangs
  • Sienna Miller for always and forever being my hair crush
  • TheSkinCareEdit.com for helping me confidently determine once and for all which shape my face is. (It’s oval.) Also shout out to TSCE.com for their helpful article on which bangs look best on oval faces (and all face shapes for that matter)
  • As much as I hate to admit this, my arch nemesis, Taylor Alison Swift for wearing bangs so well. I may not like her, but I can respect that perfect fringe
  • Cory. Even though he is a fan of the front fringe on anyone, he never once discouraged me from getting them. He always tells me to do what makes me happy and it’s one of the many reasons why I love him as much as I do. Ladies, get you a man who supports you in everything you do even (and especially) when it comes to decisions about your hair.
  • And last but certainly not least, Me. I’m really good at talking about things and making instagram polls and gathering information and advice, but at the end of the day (or late morning) it’s up to me to decide and ACT on that decision. Today I acted and while it could have blown up in my face with some horribly crooked ultra baby bangs, it didn’t. I tried something that made me nervous and excited and I’m really happy with how it turned out. I tried something small that scared me and, but because I did it, I feel like I can do anything.


5 responses to “BANGARANG.”

  1. Kelsi Ropelato says:

    Check you out! Although, I thought you woke up this morning because my inconsiderate husband likes to make phone calls before 8:30 AM. 🙂 Can’t wait to see your final look!

  2. Nichole Keele says:

    Welcome back to the club!! Bangs were meant for you.

  3. Shellsey says:

    Love the bangs! You can totally rock them!!!

  4. Emma Manolis says:

    Yes! I too am an impulse, do-it-myself, haircutter! It does feel kind of liberating and exciting. Besides hot cocoa, it’s the perfect winter activity.

  5. I can’t watch the last few seasons of Gilmore Girls because of the power Rory’s perfect bangs always have over me. You can’t fight it once the impulse comes. I get you, girl. Good thing you rocking it. Love that fringe!!!

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