01/ 30/ 2019

Like feeding a baby bird, but cuter.

It’s day five of this nasty virus and Millie is still sick, still sad, and still smiling.

I took her to the doctor again today because she wasn’t improving. She is so congested and has so much mucus that she chokes every time I try to feed her. The doctor was surprised her RSV test came back negative because just by looking at her, he knew that’s what she had.

When I mentioned the struggle at every feeding, he suggested spoon-feeding her by using a medicine dropper. PRAISE BE MEDICAL SCHOOL AND GENIUS DOCTORS. It took nearly an hour, but that little nugget ate three ounces at once for the first time in days.

It was somewhere between the 23rd and 27th dropper full of formula that I realized how grateful I was to be feeding her this way. Yes it took forever, but I talked and she cooed and we smiled at each other and she ATE! It felt like a miracle. Using that little 2mL medicine dropper that literally lets down one drop at a time saved the day. My baby girl is now sleeping soundly with a full belly.

Funny, isn’t it? How quickly we realize we rely on the constants in our life when they stop coming so easily. Millie guzzles five ounces like it’s nothing and now I’m thrilled if she can handle two ounces in at a time. I’m so grateful for the chance I had to sit on the floor and feed her one dropper at a time. I’m grateful because it reminded me to focus more on the steady things in my life and appreciate them for the daily miracles they are.

One response to “Like feeding a baby bird, but cuter.”

  1. Nichole Keele says:

    Very emotional over this nbd

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