01/ 29/ 2019

A proper dream.

Millie is sick. Like so sadly sick. Her little eyes are red and her cough is scratchy and her appetite is small. I took her to Instacare late Sunday night because I was getting flashbacks to when three-month old Ezra was hospitalized with RSV. Thankfully both her flu and RSV tests came back negative. Unfortunately that means she’s stuck with a nasty virus and no answers or help other than snuggles, Tylenol and Frida: The Boogie Sucker.

Because of her nasty cold, the kids and I have spent a lot of time snuggled on the couch today. I don’t say snuggled to sound cute, I literally mean snug as a bug in a rug. I sit in the middle with Mills on my lap and the boys sit on either side of me wigging in to get as much space as possible while claiming I’m taking up too much room. It’s cozy and warm and great.

Along with all the blanket nesting we’re doing, we’re also watching our fair share of Baking in a Tent. For those of you not in the know, that’s what we call The Great British Baking Show. You see, I can’t really watch my shows with the kids around. The last thing I want to do is explain why one man is dating thirty women. (I’ve only seen one episode of The Bachelor and remain uncommitted unless social interaction is involved, but you get the idea). Similarly, I don’t really want to spend an undisclosed amount of time watching Blues Clues or Story Bots or PJ Masks. Clever as their theme songs may be.

Baking in a tent is the best compromise. It’s appropriate and clean and exciting for all parties involved. The other day Jude looked at me and said, “I wish I could be…”
before she finished, I smiled and thought, ‘Oh my goodness!!! I’m such a good mom! Watching this show has made her want to be a star baker! AH! My daughter! THE BAKER!!!!’
“one of those people who tastes all that food. What are they called?”
“A judge.”
“Yeah, I wish I could be a judge, mama.”
‘My daughter! THE JUDGE!!!’

Oh to be so young and already have life figured out.

In other news, watching this show makes me think I can bake the perfect macaron. I mean, if Glenn can do it, so can I. Right? He just makes it look so easy!

2 responses to “A proper dream.”

  1. Amberly says:

    Don’t we all wish we could be the people who tastes all the food??? 😉 I’m sorry Millie is sick. Your snuggling is all too relatable and I only have two kiddos around me.

    • breesah says:

      YES! Being a judge, especially on a baking show, would be a dream! Whether you have one kid or eleven, any snuggling is always nice and usually a little too much. 🙂

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