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01/ 23/ 2018

Where to buy ampicillin, Buy ampicillin 500 mg

I don’t know what it is, but every time Cory goes out of town, I try really hard to cram our days with activities. Even though the only difference when he’s out of town is I’m alone during nights, I try to stay as busy as possible. Maybe I’m trying to wear the kids out so they sleep like rocks. Maybe I’m trying to be the fun parent. Maybe I just really wanted a Big Mac. No one knows.

Jude had dance today. It’s her third week and she’s just as excited as she was her first day. She jumped around all morning in anticipation. Dance ends at noon and like a total newb I took the kids to McDonald’s. Thankfully the play place wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. It was mostly High School seniors and business people working through lunch under the golden arches.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “McDonald’s? Ew. Why didn’t she go to Chick-Fil-A?” Well, to answer your question, I like that McDonald’s has seating inside the play area. I can sit in the same room with my kids and write while I sip my DDP and eat fries before they get cold while my kids play for a few hours. Also, have you ever been inside a CFA play place? Like really been insiiiiide one? They smell like feet and three hundred sweaty toddlers with soft undertones of stale, unsalted waffle fries. It’s bad. When Zeke was a little over a year he got stuck before the big slide and couldn’t get down. I had to climb my way up to save him and the higher I got, the worse it smelled. The scent is a deadly combination on its own, but CFA play places are unnaturally humid which makes the air heavy, causing the stench to take on a solid form and become something you have to physically fight through. The higher you climb and the longer you play, the more the CFA air becomes part of you. I always require baths after play place play (let’s be honest, I require them every day), but you almost need a chemical decontamination after an afternoon at Chick-Fil-A. Just thinking about it makes me queasy. But HOT DANG, do they know how to make a good nugget/sauce combination.

Zeke has been stuck at the top of this playground for a good 15 minutes. He refuses help from anyone but keeps calling for me like Tarzan. My favorite part about playgrounds (with or without fries) is watching my kids make friends. All it takes is five minutes and a game of tag and according to Jude she has, “almost 39 friends to play with!” Kids are such good people. When they see someone in need, they stop to help. When they see someone crying, they stop to comfort. No judgement, no prejudice. Just kids running and playing and laughing.

The fries are past cold, I’ve started refilling my cup with water instead of soda, and the after-school snack groups are starting to trickle in. All obvious signs we’ve been here too long. But Zeke’s moved to the highest level of the playground and it’ll probably be another twenty minutes before he figures out how to get down. Just to be safe, if you could send up a quick prayer that I don’t have to climb this mini ropes course to get him, I’d really appreciate it.

Spoiler Alert: I had to climb it.

Where to buy ampicillin, Buy ampicillin 500 mg