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11/ 16/ 2017

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Since I talked your ear off last time, I’ll try to keep it brief.

I’d never been to Downtown Disney before and I couldn’t believe how great it was! Their beignets are better (sorry not sorry, they are! More dough and less air. Mmmm.) than the ones in the actual park and the Lego store was a dream come TRUE for our kids. My only regret of the whole trip was that we didn’t do Downtown Disney one of the days we went to the park. I wish we’d done Jude’s Anna makeover before we got to meet our Arendelle girls. Next time! Even though she was only Anna-fied for Downtown Disney, all the employees called her Anna or Princess. Jude was in heaven. She even had us stop so Cory could take a picture of me meeting Anna. Jude-Anna was kind enough to give me posing lessons. What a sweetheart.

And, as always, it felt SO GOOD to be home. After being in a hotel room for nine days, our house felt like a palace. So much space! What luxury!! Now if only I could find a way to combine the comforts of my home with the housekeeping staff of a hotel. Then we’d be in business.

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11/ 14/ 2017

DISNEYLAND Part One: Deets, Eats and Peeps

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It’s been a little over two months since our trip to Disneyland and I’m already craving a return trip. What I would give to walk down Main Street and be bombarded by the smell of fresh churros and buttery popcorn. With as far as technology has come, the lack of smell-ivision is really disappointing. But I guess we can thank technology for not being that advanced, because it was really hot those first few days and we were sweating buckets before we got into the park.

We went to the park with my parents, my sister and her family, and my two younger siblings. Going with so many people at different stages of life was a little crazy, but it was worth it. Disney runs through my Dad’s veins and seeing him in his favorite place with some of his favorite people was priceless. For the most part, the kids were a dream. We started early and partied at the parks until two or three every day. My parents graciously bought five-day passes for everyone, so we didn’t feel pressured to have marathon days in the park. We let the kids take the lead and followed their pace. We looked in store windows, explored alleyways and soaked up the magic of Disney. We went on the carousel first and Dumbo second. We made the mistake of going on the Snow White ride third which left all three of our kids in tears and afraid of any enclosed rides. We couldn’t even look at Peter Pan without one of them freaking out. You should have seen the sweet-talking we had to do to convince Jude ‘It’s a Small World’ was a happy ride with music and puppets. Why you gotta be so dark, Walt?!

California Adventure was our JAAAAAM. The kids were in heaven in Cars Land. The Disney Junior Dance Party gave me a look into what a toddler rave looks like and it’s straight up bananas. Jude and Ezra were at the perfect ages for Disney. Everything was real for them. They recognized the characters and could push through any discomfort with the heat and long lines. Like I said, the first few days were HOT and poor Ziggy felt it. We bought an overpriced Disney fan just to try to keep that little guy cool. Zeke was wary of most of the characters and had more fun playing with the regular cast members. I just want to take a moment to SHOUT OUT all of the Disney employees, but especially the “regular people.” They always chatted with Zeke and made him giggle while the big kids met their heroes. Disney makes it magic for everyone and I love them for that.

The last time I went to Disneyland, I was in my early twenties, single and in it for the big rides. Going with kids required a change of pace and mindset, but it’s one I’ll keep forever. It’s amazing how chill Disneyland can be when you’re not rushing around for fast passes or stressing over 60 minutes lines. Cory and I didn’t take advantage of the rider swap because we wanted to spend our time with the kids. Every morning was like Christmas for them and neither of us wanted to miss a thing. My parents watched all the grandkids for a night so the adults go out. Cory and I went on three rides (California Screamin’, Guardians of the Galaxy (RIP Tower of Terror), and Indiana Jones) before motion sickness set in. My inner-ear can’t keep its equilibrium like it used to. But we ended the night with a Monte Cristo (good! heavens!) and some garlic truffle pomme frites (GET IN MY BELLY). I’m convinced Disney food is the same food we’ll have in heaven. Don’t even get me started on the chocolate dipped vanilla cones at the Cozy Cone. Mmmmmmm.

Thanks for your patience while I go down memory lane. Here’s the video.
I’m not even going to apologize for my shrill mom voice. I was EXCITED, Y’ALL.

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11/ 07/ 2017

A Weekend Vlog: Filmed in October, Posted in November.

Sometimes you film a vlog in the beginning of October and don’t get around to editing and posting it until the beginning of November. It’s fine. I’m fine.

I really enjoyed documenting this weekend and am considering doing this type of thing more often. If only to be better at documenting our regular life for posterity. But if we’re being honest, lifestyle vlogging is harder than it looks. I’m so used to being in the moment that it’s hard to remember to stop, take out my camera and film the moment. It makes me feel like a stage mom, but I love that we’ll have these memories forever. I would have never remembered Jude made up a play with the longest, weirdest name if I hadn’t filmed. I love pictures because of the memories they freeze, but having these videos is like being transported back into that moment. I never want to forget Ezra’s scratchy voice and Jude’s silly songs or the way Zeke stomp dances (this section had to be omitted because ‘Welcome to [The] York’ was playing and we all know how powerful Taylor is when it comes to her songs on YouTube. SO POWERFUL). I want to remember this time of my life with three kids three years old and younger. And if that means putting in a little more effort to document, I guess I’ll just have to deal. Because I don’t have camera crews following me around to document my life…YET!

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