07/ 17/ 2017

SAD MOVIES MAKE ME SAD || An Honest Review of The Light Between Oceans

In May Cory had to go out of town and I was FINALLY going to watch a sad movie and have the good cry my heart had been needing. I decided to watch The Light Between Oceans. It had been one of the most popular suggestions last time he went out of town. Have you ever seen The Light Between Oceans? Don’t. Please don’t. Not unless you want your heart to be sucked out of your chest and stomped on a thousand times by stupid Michael Fassbender*. Why couldn’t he leave well enough alone? WHY, MICHAEL?!?!!?

I have truly never in my life felt so completely broken after a movie.  I’m the girl whose heart couldn’t stop pounding after Titanic and who ugly cried her way through reading The Fault In Our Stars on a plane and again when I saw it on screen. I like when movies make me feel but this movie went past feeling and sent me straight into a blubbering shock which led to numbness and the inability to eat ice cream. It was bad.

*I understand this is a movie and he was playing a character, but I’m taking this whole thing very personally. I haven’t been able to look at a sunset without crying since May and I am 100% blaming Michael Fassbender.

One response to “SAD MOVIES MAKE ME SAD || An Honest Review of The Light Between Oceans”

  1. Jess R says:

    This is so sad but also soooooo funny–I think you could go viral. Like Kristen Bell and sloths viral. You’re hilarious!

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