The Target dollar spot is ruining my liiiife

source site Okay, that seems a little dramatic, but it is! It is physically impossible for me to step foot inside a Target and NOT check out the dollar spot. Those darned $1 and $3 items find their way inside my cart and before I know it I’m $31 dollars deep and it’s too late to tell Sonja the cashier I don’t want any of it.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who goes through this. I mean, it’s Target, I KNOW I’m not the only one who finds themselves in the dollar spot trap. I guess I just want to know there are people out there who find themselves buying at least five items every time I go. I’m pretty proud that I didn’t pick up any thank you cards this time. If only you knew how many thank you cards I have…

One response to “The Target dollar spot is ruining my liiiife”

  1. kylie says:

    hi, hello that dollar section is literally my reward to myself if i do a lot in a workday. “kylie, if you do these five tasks, you can go to the dollar section.”
    and here is what i’m usually bringing home:
    those dang thank you cards (soul sisters)
    ribbon. spool upon tiny spool of festive ribbons for whatever season it is.
    office supplies. push pins, paper clips in non-paper-clip shape, usually metallic or pastel.
    so no, you’re not the only one bringing home five of the same thing every time you go.
    (also the travel-size products on the beauty aisle endcaps are DANGER – so many one-use face masks)

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